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We perform wonderful classical music to a very high standard with top players and soloists in the heart of our community of Wimbledon.  In doing so we make a significant contribution to the cultural life of our community.

Invariably, arts charities struggle to balance financial security with their artistic objectives.   Wimbledon lacks a performance space large enough to accommodate an audience sufficient to fund our music.  If we are to continue to bring music-making of this quality into our community then we must necessarily rely on the generosity of a large number of people and companies who choose to support us in addition to regular attendance at our concerts.  We are hugely grateful to every single one of these companies and people.  Without them music of the scale and quality we perform would simply not be possible in the heart of Wimbledon.


Our financial supporters provide support at a wide variety of different levels.  Some prefer to give an an occasional basis or in support of a particular concert or initiative.  We are very appreciative of this support and such donations can be made by clicking on the button below (this will open a new window on the website of the charity payments organisation: Wonderful).

We are also hugely fortunate to have a group of supporters who wish to support us on a regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) basis.  This group form the Friends of the Academy Choir Wimbledon.  Suggested donations start at £50 per annum.  These donations underwrite particularly demanding concerts which can cost far more than can ever be realised through ticket sales alone.  A small core of our supporters provide the foundations on which our continued existence is wholly dependent.  


In addition we are also very grateful for the support of a number of generous local businesses who, in return, raise the profile of their own activities with local people and make a material contribution to the social, artistic and cultural life of our community.

We take a financially prudent approach to our programming and we balance that against the ambitions which we and our financial supporters have for the Academy Choir.  All of our financial supporters are acknowledged and thanked at every single concert we promote (unless they prefer to remain anonymous).  We also offer a variety of levels of acknowledgement and engagement to reflect the level of financial support provided.

We are always happy to discuss ideas and proposals which financial supporters may have.  In addition, a table showing levels of financial support and their corresponding levels of acknowledgement and engagement is set out below as a guide.

The Academy Choir Wimbledon is a registered arts charity (number 299069) and accordingly all donations attract the tax benefits associated with charitable giving in the UK.  Some of our supporters prefer giving on a monthly or quarterly basis (rather than annually) and we are very happy to accommodate this preference.


£50 (or less than £5 per month)

  • Regular information about concerts

  • Priority booking for concerts promoted by the Academy Choir Wimbledon

  • Acknowledgement in programme for concerts promoted by the Academy

  • Invitation to an annual post-concert reception to meet the artists


£100 and more (or less than £10 per month)

As above plus

  • Newsletter including a message from the Music Director

  • Reserved seating at concerts where seats are not numbered

  • An invitation to a special musical event


£250 and more (or just over £20 per month)

As above plus

  • An invitation to attend selected rehearsals


£500 and more

As above plus

  • Two top-price tickets to concerts promoted by the Academy

  • The opportunity to support a specific concert or musician or an area of the choir's activities 

We are a registered UK arts charity (number 299069) and accordingly all donations to us benefit from the favourable UK tax treatment applicable to charitable donations.


To contact our Friends organisation or to download a copy of our Friends form please use the buttons below.

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